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toolbox INDIA Foundation works as a catalyst to provide capacity building assistance to non-profit organisations through its portfolio of highly skilled volunteers. We support organisations to help them define their objectives and by optimising their existing resources by leveraging and honing the skills of experienced volunteers.

Since its inception 10 years ago, we have delivered customized capacity building solutions to over 300 nonprofits across the country, mobilizing over 650 volunteers in India and abroad and delivering over 400+ solutions addressing requirements in Organisation Development and Functioning across multiple domains like Finance, Communications, Human Resource Management, System, Operations and Processes.

Our philosophy of supporting Social Impact Organisations through pro-bono support extends beyond our skilled volunteering projects through our open access knowledge platform – The Learning Corridor which serves as a peer learning forum for nonprofits to come forward and share their learnings and best practices. We also run a biannual series called Digital Dialogues which largely brings together our NPOs for an online conversation with industry experts.

Through multiple program formats, toolbox INDIA champions the cause for supporting nonprofit organizations working in this space to improve operational efficiency that ultimately leads to improved program delivery and desired measurable outcomes.

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