About ‘toolbox INDIA Foundation’

Logo ToolBox India

toolbox INDIA Foundation works as a catalyst to provide capacity building assistance to non-profit organisations through its portfolio of highly skilled volunteers. We support organisations to help them define their objectives and by optimising their existing resources by leveraging and honing the skills of experienced volunteers. Since its inception 10 years ago, we have delivered […]

Decoding Digital

The digital era has certainly reshaped the social landscape, fundamentally transforming how organisations operate and deliver value to society. Nonetheless, the substantial trend towards digitalisation also opens the window of opportunity for social development organisations to thrive.   toolbox INDIA is delighted to announce ‘Decoding Digital’, a virtual session that will revolve around the central […]

Pro Bono Awards 1000 Celebration

Pro Bono Awards 1000 is a special event to commemorate more than 1000 pro bono projects accomplished by beneficiary organizations and pro bono workers through Service Grant Japan. Primarily, the Awards will show grand applause to the beneficiary organizations and pro bono workers for their successful projects and their precious deliverables.  This time 30 award […]